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Membership/Passes Discussion on Memberships, Gift Certificates and Passes in Theatre Manager. This is an area of the program commonly renamed to suit the clients needs. An organization may use different wording for the title of this section such as Other, Concession, Shop or Store. Form Letters Questions regarding Form Letters including items such as the word processor, mail and email merging, customizations, data files and adding to invoices. Donations The Donation area of Theatre Manager is designed for processing any item that may receive a tax receipts. This may be a Donation, Pledge, Sponsorship or Membership. Receipts, pledge reminders, thank you letters, notes, tasks and privacy. Ticket Faces All things Ticket Face related in Theatre Manager. Calculations, spacing, accents on letters, commas and more. Accounting Accounting related questions for Theatre Manager. Best practice, reports, integration with accounting packages. Maps Building, editing, updating and redesigning maps. Pick your own seats, duplicating, adding price codes and more! Subscriptions Questions regarding Season Subscriptions in Theatre Manager Reports Reports, exports, categories, criteria, commonly used, tips/tricks and recommendations. Facility Management Questions regarding Facility Management in Theatre Manager. Projects, resources, tasks, billing, invoicing calendars and scheduling. Events Creating, editing and maintaining Events/Plays/Concerts/Games. Event Accounting questions, marketing fields, course setup, traveling troupe, pricing and promotions just to name a few. Ticket Sales From the purchase, to payment, to invoice, to ticket. Exchanges, refunds, cancellations, holds and all things in between. Mail Lists Questions related to Mail Lists in Theatre Manager. Criteria, use, best practice, management.
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