In Memory of Tom Misner



On behalf of the Warner Theatre in Torrington, CT our sincerest and deepest condolences to both his family and his work family at ArtsMan. We will miss him.


I am shocked and greatly saddened by this news! I adored Tom and was always thrilled when he would personally call me to walk me through solving whatever problem I was experiencing. His customer service went 1000% above and beyond! He will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Stephanie Fornoff and Box Office Team
Del E. Webb Center for the Performing Arts
Wickenburg, AZ


It’s sad when someone you know becomes someone you knew.

We moved to TM May 2012, I spoke to Tom often and he even traveled from ME to our venue once. Tom was always so kind and patient, never made me feel dumb.

Condolences to his family, friends, and co-workers, I’m sure its a big blow.


Sending love and support from Schenectady. Tom’s soothing persona and gentle humor were always very welcomed and appreciated on support calls. He let me see a video of one of his barbershop competition performances once - truly lovely and joyful music and energy - and I immediately realized his was the kind of open and welcoming nature that make communities stronger.


We are so sorry to hear this news! Tom’s dedication to the arts was inspiring and contagious. We had the pleasure of working with him for several years and will miss his expertise and good humor. Our sincere condolences go out to his family and colleagues.
Thanks for all the training and guidance Tom!
Rest in peace,
Susan Weiler
World Music/CRASHarts
Boston, MA


I’m so sorry to hear of Tom’s passing. I’m one of many who only ever spoke with him on the phone, however, I will miss his smiling voice returning support calls. Lots of love to his family and his work family. :heart:


I add my condolences to Tom’s family and colleagues at ArtsMan. I always enjoyed Tom’s humor delivered by his robust voice!

A favorite memory is the day of Donation training when he called attention to the “Sort Name” field which replaces blanks after the name with exclamation points. Our demo name was something short like “Bob Smith” which got translated to “SMITHBOB!!!”, so he cupped his hands into a megaphone and shouted “SMITHBOB!” as loudly as he could! I nearly fell out of my chair from laughing so hard!

He will always be remembered fondly.


I am so sorry to hear this news. Tom was always so helpful and cheerful on the phone, over email, and in person. He was a huge influence on my understanding and learning process of TM and I will always think of his kindness and patience.


I am gonna miss getting calls from Tom. He sure knew how to skin cats and he taught me a thing or two. We were lucky enough to have him here twice to do on site training with us. We even took him to Wyoming for supper one night. He made a big deal about never being in wyoming before. May he rest in peace and his family & the ArtsMan Family be comforted as you all deal with his loss. Godspeed.


My deepest condolences to anyone who called him friend or family, the universe is short one truly unique and wonderful human.
As far as memories go, I just always smiled the instant I heard his voice on the phone, mainly because he almost never failed to mention the one restaurant we visited when he was here for our install more than ten (!) years ago. He loved that trip to Genghis Grill so much, I felt guilty every time I had to say we didn’t have the budget for annual training!
Tom Misner, you were fun, smart, patient, easy to work with and will be sorely missed. Fair winds and following seas, friend.
Lara Marsh
McKinney PAC
McKinney, TX


Tom was so much more that a friendly voice on the phone when you are in need of tech support. He had a wonderfully calming manner about him that always put your anxiety on hold. I had the pleasure of talking with him over his entire career at TM. I had the pleasure of meeting him in person when he came to our theater for training several years ago. Between technical instruction and remote access through the years we would catch up on families, hobbies and all sorts of interests. He was a wealth of knowledge in TM, funds development and the arts in general.
Tom, you will be sorely missed.


On behalf of all of us at George Street Playhouse, we extend our condolences to the ArtsMan team and to Tom’s family. We learned so much from him through onsite training and countless emails and phone calls.

He will certainly be missed.


Tom will be greatly missed. Only he could solve a problem when he was 1,500 miles to the East of the theater, and I was 1,500 to the West. Condolences from everyone at the Bell Tower Theater.


All of us here at the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra are so sad to learn of Tom’s passing. He was kind and helpful on the phone. He was on site with us last January. Thinking of Tom’s family and his Arts Man colleagues at this time.


I’m so sad to hear of Tom’s passing, and grateful for this forum for comments. He was my first in-person trainer of TM 12 years ago, and was always extremely kind and warm. I was struck by his other stories of generosity outside of work too. And he did have a lovely voice.


My deepest condolences to Tom’s family and the Arts Management family. Such a loss. Tom was always on top of things and beyond helpful. I would get a phone call and email from him letting me know my site was down even before I knew it. Always enjoyed our conversation while I was working with my District IT to get it back up and running. When we would work on support issues he was patient and understanding. I will truly miss him.

Mark Craig
Golden West College Theater


We began using Theatre Manager 13 years ago. After our initial install we were ready for support to come out for onsite training. After having talked with Tom on many support calls in that first six months we asked if he could come out and be our trainer.

We were fortunate enough to have several training sessions during the years and Tom was always the one who came out. My husband (who also works at PCPA) and I were the fortunate ones to be his transportation while he was here. We had many meals out over the years where we really got to know each other.

On one training visit, because Tom had such a fun personality, one of my staff said to him “what a dork”. Tom told her “you know what that means?” and she replied yes. I won’t put the definition in here, but you can look that up. That became our running joke with him.

My husband and I took a trip to Boston a little over 3 years ago. When I told Tom this he basically said “if you come that far and don’t see me…” I think I would have been in trouble. But I also said he’d better not be out on some onsite training. We took a train ride to Portland, Maine where he picked us up. When we saw each other, there was the biggest smile you could imagine and we got the biggest, best Bear Hug of all time.

He took us to Holy Donuts (a must if you are in Portland), to the Portland Head Lighthouse and an amazing dinner at Estes Lobster House which was fabulous. And of course he treated us to it all. That trip with him will be in our memories forever.

I too loved it when I got him on support and especially when I got to talk with him. Loved his voice. We took care of the support issue and then checked in on each other on a personal level. I don’t know why but when he emailed from support my name became Linder and I started calling him Tomas.

He was such a lovely man and human being. So caring and generous. I will miss him terribly and send my love to his wife and family and the Artsman family.

Linda Shafer
Box Office Manager
PCPA Conservatory Theatre
Santa Maria, CA.


Wow… my condolences to Tom, his family and the Arts Man team. Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time with Tom on phone and remote support sessions. He was always a great guy to chat with, talk shop and learn from. I’ll miss his voice and his talents.

Frank Nickel
Theatre Manager User since 2006


Tom saw me through so many glitches and needs with humor and grace. Truly a caring and lovely spirit - He is greatly missed… Our love to his family as they navigate this - He was loved in San Diego!

Deborah Smyth
Lamb’s Players Theatre
Coronado, CA
Theatre Manager User since 1996


Oh! my gracious! I just returned from holiday to receive news of Tom. My heart goes out to the Arts Management Team and to all who knew Tom. Tom was a most amazing human being – as you all know. Over the past 6 years Tom came to my rescue on numerous occasions with such intelligence, patience and grace.

My brother died suddenly 2 years ago on January 2 and Tom helped pray away the pain. I know Tom’s father died during the Christmas season 2 years ago so this will be a most difficult time for the family.

Tom shared his special friendship with all who are associated with Arts Management. Please know I carry you all in my heart and offer up angel Blessings to carry you through these difficult days.

Tom was a true treasure. My deepest and most sincere condolences to all.

Margaret Ann Bianco
Empress Theatre