Category Topics

Water Cooler

This is an area for general discussion on topics that may not be Theatre Manager related.

Artsman Coffee Time

Artsman Coffee Time (ACT) is an initiative to assist clients with learning more about how to use various areas of Theatre Manager. Webinar sessions, highlighting areas of Theatre Manager and their use, will be hosted by a member of the Artsman team and Artsman Council. Participants can take part in the Q&A section of the webinar.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

TM Conference

A forum for discussion of past, present and future Theatre Manager User Conferences. Also a great place to share files from past conferences.

TM Desktop App

A place to discuss all things related to the Theatre Manager software.

Server Hardware

Recommendations for hardware to be used in conjunction with Theatre Manager. Computer specifications for Web Servers, Web Listeners, Databases and more.

Ticket Scanners

Discussion about ticket scanners, networking scanners, Theatre Manager scanner software, troubleshooting, inquires and more.

Ticket Printers

Conversations regarding ticket printers, printer maintenance, cleaning, repairs and more.

Getting Started

Please take a moment to read the details below before joining us for discussion in the Theatre Manager Community.


Conceived as a part of the TM3 Users Conference, TiMder was offered as a breakout session to allow for discussion on generic topics not covered during the schedules sessions. Those attending were invited to bring their thoughts and ideas to the session for discussion. This area is geared toward general discussion topics that do not currently have a dedicated categories. It’s also an open area to share fun thoughts and topics.

Web Sales

All topics web sales related such as customization thoughts/ideas, how too’s, patron feedback/comments, taking over carts or cart history.

Computer Networking

Recommendations, tips and tricks for network setup. Topic may be directly related to Theatre Manager network setup or possible recommendations for organizational networking solutions.

Job Postings

Available positions within your organization or arts and entertainment posting in the surrounding area. Please ensure a closing date for the posting is provided.

Three Thought Thursday

A collection of the historic Three Thought Thursday emails.


Messages from Arts Management Systems

Community Conversations

The goal for Community Conversations is an informal and fun live talk with Artsman Users sharing and learning from one another. All Theatre Manager users are invited to participate in the Community Conversations.