TTT September 26, 2019

1. Patron Statistics Tab

The patron window contains a tab called Statistics containing an annual summary of sales for tickets (single, season, etc.), donations, passes, resources, etc. While the data is a summary, it can help provide a picture on a year by year basis of patron activity. It can be exported or used in mail lists to get a rough sense of patron purchases or identify repeat buyers.

2. Adding Tasks via Mail Lists

You can easily add a number of people to a single task in the Mail List window. This might be useful for tracking Board meetings, inviting people to special fundraising events, setting up all staff meetings, or volunteer training sessions, etc.

  1. Open any mail list you have created and click on the ‘Whos In’ tab:

  1. Highlight the patrons, then Right Click to select “Create Task from Selected Patrons”.

  1. Edit the task to set the name, date, type, add documents you want emailed with the task and save it. Once you are done, this common task can be seen in each patron’s account and you can track RSVPs.

3. Database Statistics Window

The Statistics Window is a current count of records that you have in Theatre Manager. It is accessed through the File => Statistics menu: