Abandoned Carts

Hi all!

I’m looking to generate a report (by year or by fiscal year) that indicates the VALUE of tickets and donations that have been left in abandoned shopping carts. I originally tried using the “check web cart” report but when I added the statuses in I received no data so I must be using the wrong type of report.

To make it more accurate I’d also like to eliminate any carts that were later returned to and purchased but if thats not possible thats OK.

I’m hoping someone can help me with this!


Hello Lo! This may not be what you’re looking for, but the Web Carts page shows a Cart Total. So you could do a date range search, sort by Status and then Hide the completed status carts. Then sort again by Cart Total to clump all the ones with value together. TM will subtotal your selected lines or you can export to Excel right from there…