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I would like to send an e-mail to a list of patrons who have chosen to have their season tickets held at willcall, letting them know that their tickets are ready for pick-up as well as the date of their first show. Ideally we would send this through Form Letters, but I’m having trouble finding (if it exists) the database field that would generate the date each patron has tickets for the first show of our season. Does such a field exist? If not, any recommendations on the best way to send such an e-mail? Thanks!

I think the mail list criteria you are looking for is what I have pictured.

Create a Mail List
ADD - Subscription for Patron

  • Season Package #
  • Performance Series Code

REMOVE - Patron Order

  • Order Tickets Mailed Status

Once you have the mail list, then you can write your letter in Form letters and in the merger criteria,

  • is member of mail list (mail list created above)

I am pretty sure this will work for you, @smorris can you confirm? We mail all season subs, so I don’t have good test data for subs to be held versus mailed.

Well, looking across orders and only qualifying events to get an earliest date is tough. Randale’s option lets you list just one date, as per your original request, by only blasting to sub buyers on a per performance basis. Another option would be to use row level data in a form letter with Ticket Data - this will list, sorted by performance date, the ticket details for those tickets that meet your merge field criteria. I didn’t apply any formatting, but it could do something like this if that works for your needs…