Adding to a household

Does anyone know if there is a way to add an existing patron to a household? I have a patron who orders a large group of flex passes every year. She is the one responsible for booking all of the tickets, but the passes are under every person’s individual name. I’d like to add them to her household so they are all together. Is there a way?

Thank you!!!

I wouldn’t do that. That will very likely have an adverse impact on other things like mailing lists, memberships, web functions. I would however use the Patron Relationship tab. This allows you to connect patrons across households.


In this case I agree with Randale - household patrons should mostly be household members. (There is that newer field “not in household” but it really has a different purpose.) But for the record, yes, when merging patrons, you can choose to to merge into a single patron or into a shared household. The latter is easy to split back out as well (unlike merging to a single patron, which can’t be undone).

But to reiterate, for this specific need, I support Randale’s relationship solution or gifting tickets across accounts.

Thank you both so much! I appreciate the help! I didn’t even know about the Patron Relationship Tab; that’s the perfect solution!

Thank you!!