Am I a fool who is missing how to sell gift cards online

Hi all!

I’ve recently been tasked with allowing online sale of our gift cards. i have clicked the lovely little button labeled “Allow gift cards to be Purchased… Via the internet” though it seems to have had no effect in posting the option on our site.


Hi Zack,

Looks like the passes option has been commented out of your TM navigation.

To get to a specific pass, change the 0 to the pass ID in TM.

You’ll need to look on your web server for \WebPagesEN\TMtemplates\tmnavButtons.html

This is the page to edit for header navigation links.

it appears, Randal, that not only was it commented out of the nav, but it was all out deleted. could you share a snip of the script or would it be wiser to contact support to have them take a look?

Hi Zach,
Here is the default page. You should be able to replace it with your own.

tmnavButtons.html (3.5 KB)