Attaching a letter to a Pass automatically

I might be crazy but I thought there was a way to automatically attach a letter to a person who buys a pass. I’ve searched through the pass setup but can’t seem to find it now. I could notify my team on purchase and add the letter manually but I’m lazy (I feel like I do so much work trying to make less work). Any suggestions?

I love “I feel like I do so much work trying to make less work”! Summary for my entire existence. Anyway, I’m not sure there’s a way to automatically attach a letter. You could batch letter “print” using a pass type as criteria during the merge. Would that serve your purposes?

It was more of a welcome to the group letter with a supplies list, special offers, etc so going out individually as people join is what I was trying to achieve. As this group is going to be ongoing, one-time letter merges wasn’t really what I was looking at but thank you.

I thought it was something as simple as sending a notification, but nothing is ever that simple as notifications only go to staff.

You can set the GC purchase to auto add the patron to a mail list. You could then send a form letter based on the date added to the mail list. Without a scheduled mail sending function, yet, you would need to send the mailing daily using the batch membership report, much like you would print batch tickets.

Yeah, I can’t think of how to do a customized by “product” confirmation automatically without Artsman help. If you wanted to setup up a custom invoice footer detailing this information, however, you could have your employees setup their preferences to auto prompt an invoice whenever you close an order and then you can easily pull the saved footer and email the invoice out to patrons who purchase the pass over the phone or in person. We now have several different saved invoice footers and email invoices for almost all major patron transactions. It adds a little bit of time, but not that much actually and the benefits are definitely worth it. That doesn’t solve your online sales for those pass types I suppose, though a weekly report to catch those folks could become part of a Box Office process perhaps? If this is a popular and long-term program without lots of structural changes, it may be worth asking Artsman what they build for you guys to truly automate.

If you are not needing to send the TM generated security codes it could be possible to integrate Mail Chimp to auto send. We have a script that runs every night and checks for that night’s shows where the attendance has been marked as attended. It then extracts those emails and sends a thank you follow up email with a guest experience survey. This is not Theatre Manager programming but our Web developer who did the work using REST API access. This letter would not be added to the Pass window as it would be external.

I have been asking the Arts Man programmers for the ability to have a letter auto add and send to a Gift Certificate purchase. Sadly they are not able to offer this presently due to programming and security challenges. My team checks sales every shift and manually adds the letters and sends to the patrons. I have a line of text on the passes page to let the patron know that we will manually process and send their package. It is not ideal especially at Holiday time when we are processing hundreds of packages a week but we have a system that works for the most part now.

Happy to talk more if you have additional questions

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