Before Event Sales

Having a problem attaching our Door Sale account to patron in Before Even Sales. Receiving error Patron not found. Patron is available through Patron lookup. Any suggestions for this to work? I have checked emploee prefetences and the correct Door sale account is attached. It seems to be specific to Before Event sales where it isnt working.

HI Michael! I’m sorry, but I’ve not seen this before. We’ve had “data not found” errors before, but not quite so specific like this. They were part of a bigger, but inconsistent server connection issue. If the patron lookup from the Before Event Sales is operating differently than the general Patron Lookup window, that might be worth a help ticket. I guess it’s worth checking that there are no deceased checks or something like that in the patron setup that may impact a sale and it’s always worth a good ole fashioned reboot. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

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Hi! Thank you for your reply. I got it to work as there were no contact address/phone in the At Door account only a name. At Door sales was preventing from finding and attaching this patron without patron address/phone details. I knew i was overlooking something! thanks for your response! Help at Artsman would have been my next step.

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Ah gotcha - nicely sluethed!