Board Memberships Renewing Online

Hi all!

We’re trying to set up an easy way of allowing our Board members to renew their annual Board fee online.

Up until this point we’ve only had the option to pay for the membership through our phyical Box Office. It is a “can’t buy a thing membership”, but when I try and click the “renew online” checkbox under the Redemptions tab, it always unclicks it when I try to save it. Anyone know why this is happening?

Short of creating an event and special code for the Board members to access, is there a way that we can engage our current Board Membership fee online without the public having access to it?

Thank you!


Following, because it would be handy for our Volunteer Membership. Ours is a “Use Promotion” type, though. I have the “renew via the internet” checked, but I think because it is not visible online, they can’t?

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Hi Jessica,

We would recommend setting up your Board Fees in Theatre Manager so the Member Type is available for purchase online but not visible online.

The member type will be available for purchase online but can only be accessed using a direct link. You can then share the link with your board members when it comes time to renew.


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Oh that’s great to know, thank you!