Box Office Sales E-Reciept

I’m guessing that I have missed the obvious… Is there a way to “auto-send” e-receipts to patrons who buy in the box office rather than wasting ticket stock for a receipt? I was thinking of something like the web-sales receipt. We do not do print at home or scanning, but I’d like to send e-receipts where possible.


You can’t “auto-send”. However, you can turn on an option to send email receipts as part of the Box Office transaction.

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You’ll need to set up a form letter for the order confirmation message before you do the steps below.

1.) You’ll need to go into Company Preferences to enable ‘E-mail an Invoice’ under the Box Office Tab.

2.) Go into user preferences for each of your box office agents. Check the box that says ‘Email PDF confirmation to patron.’ Click Save.

3.) Once your box office agent completes any kind of transaction, the ‘Print Invoices Criteria’ window will appear automatically. Edit the criteria that you want on the confirmation receipt and click ‘Done.’ A PDF of the confirmation receipt will appear.

4.) Once the PDF of the confirmation receipt appears, click on the yellow envelope at the top with the window with ‘Email’ under it.

5.) From the template drop down list, select your order confirmation letter.

6.) Once that is all set and the appropriate recipients are included, you can click on ‘Send Email.’


In Employee Preferences, click on the Box Office tab. Towards the bottom of the right side of the window is a check box to “Email PDF confirmation of sale to patron”.

Or, Brittany’s explanation is much more detailed! LOL!

I had a tiny bit of trouble setting this up myself so when I finally figured it out; I was extremely happy and relieved we were able to do this but it takes a bit too many steps in my opinion. Happy to share!

Thank you @bmeegan. You are right, too many steps. Can you upload your letter file from TM? I’d like to put your labor of love to use before my onsale on Friday.

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The forum isn’t letting me upload the .tmd file since it’s not an authorized file format. I’ll send it to you in an email but it’s nothing too fancy honestly. The only pre-populating field I have in the letter file is the employee’s first name and an image on the bottom.

I’ve just added .tmd as a file extension. Please try again Brittany.

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