Branded Web Confirmations/Account Updates/Mail List Opt In;s

Hey Friends.
Was wondering if anyone had any luck inserting any visuals or branding into the Web Order Confirmations, and other automated emails TM sends?

My colleagues and I have noted that they all look a bit spammy, and are wanting to add some branding to spice it up. (Logos, formatting, etc)

Hi Shane,

I thought I’d just add a response to highlight the features in TM. It’s not a direct answer to the “have you ever?” part of your question, but hopefully it helps chart a path for what might be possible.

TMs pages are very customizable. The pages are basically just HTML templates that TM injects database data into. Since they are so low-level a lot is possible, but it does require some knowledge of HTML, CSS, and in some cases Javascript. As such it also requires some care because with great power comes great responsibility.

The default pages are publicly accessible here:

There is also an online customizer that can help you generate a Bootstrap 3 theme for use with all of the pages:

The customization works by overriding default pages with custom pages in your web page customization folder.

So, for example, if you wanted to customize 1/WebPagesEN/tmCheckoutConfirmation.html then you would start by referencing the default page, here, and then saving it into your local customization folder, and overriding/moving the parts that you’d like to change.

We also have some tips for finding the right web page to edit.

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