Buy 1 Get 1 - Websales

Does anyone have a setup for BOGO that works well for online sales?

In the past, we’ve used a coupon code that discounts each ticket at 50% off for online use; although not exactly user friendly, it gets the job done without asking for a plugin to be made or figuring out some other technical way to do it.

Yup, a coupon with sales rule for a 50% off promo is how we do it as well. Works pretty well. As a small aside, we also only do 50% off the base price and protect our full per ticket facility fees as per our board’s directive and at this point, there are very, very few patron questions/concerns around a non-exact half off.

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Just wanted to chime in on this one. At Pacific Theatre in 2012 (I think) we got Arts Man to custom code a plug-in to give us a “full price ticket + a Free Ticket” for our BOGO coupon code. It cost about $300 for the custom plug in and I know it was a useful feature for the marketing team at the time. It just looks better when one ticket is full price and the other lists as $0.00. They had to hard code some rules around it for protection, but it worked well in the end.


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