Chagning a Sales Rule

I copied a sales rule for a coupon that is $25 a ticket.

I want to change the sales rule to make it $30 a ticket.

I can set up the coupon itself. I have everything set up including the shows it will happen for, I just need to change the price of the coupon from 25 to 30. The coupon works online at the $25 level right now.

I suspect it is in Sales Rules within the Coupon creation, but I get stuck after that.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Eric!

The Sales RULE tells TM to change from one promotion to another. The Sales PROMOTION tells TM what to charge for the ticket.

So for example, you have a rule that says “Change the Standard ticket promotion to the Discount ticket promotion.” The promotion says “For any ticket in this promotion, apply XX price”.

You will want to create a new Sales Promotion (I would just copy the $25 promotion you have and call it something else) and then on the Calculation tab, change the markup from $25 to $30. Then, you’ll have to go back to your Sales RULE and change the “Convert TO Price Code/Promotion” to the new Promo you created.

Hope this helps.

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