Changing text color

I’ve been successful at pushing a few changes to the webstore using GitLab but this file has stumped me.

I’m trying to adjust the text color on the terms and conditions AND box office policy modals and even though I think I’ve placed the text color into the code correctly and pushed through the changes, they aren’t appearing.

Looking some of the modal components individually, they already include the color code (on the default code that I did not alter) but those colors are also not appearing. Is there something I don’t know about modals that is preventing the text from showing up?
Currently all the text is white on a white background and I’m trying to change it to black.

Hello Kayla,
I cleared the cache on your ticketing site and can see the updated black text. You can clear the cache directly through Theatre Manager. Details on how to clear the cache can be seen in the help page below:

Please take a look and let us know if you have any further questions,


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