Charging for Box Office Services


Hey all, Its Zach from Arkansas Rep. We’ve recently opened a can of worms relating to rentals wanting to use our box office services. I have a couple of questions on the subject:
1.) Do you allow rentals to use your Ticketing Services.
2.) If yes, do you charge them for the service
3a.) If yes, what do you charge and why (price breakdowns would be lovely)?
3b.) If no, why not?

Thanks in advance for any help!


We do allow them to use box office services. We used to charge the renter per ticket sold, plus 3.2% of credit card purchases, but now we charge a per ticket fee to the patron (we didn’t do that until a few years ago).

If someone wants us to print the entire house so they can sell tickets themselves, we charge $0.40 per ticket.

Comp tickets printed are also $0.40 per ticket.

We offer subscription services for a chorale group at $2.50 per ticket, and we charge them 3.2% on credit cards for subscription tickets only. We also charge a $5 order fee for their subscriptions, charged to the patron.

All fees collected go to us, not the renter, but they can set all of their own prices in $0.50 increments.


Hey @Zrhodes it is good to see you guys are still working toward your goal of getting open again. We were on that knife edge a few years ago.

In order to ease the math and staff time for settlement, we have flattened our box-office service rates to include cc fees.

New Manifest Build: $250.00 - any map config not in our system.

Ticket Printing: $0.25 - all tix printed

Box office rental: $2.00 - per tix sold, includes cc fee
Facility Preservation Fee: $3.00 per tix sold.

Ticket printing is typically included within base ticket amount and other fees are on-top of presenters base ticket amount.


For us, use of our Box Office is a condition of rental. In other words, if you are renting our facility and selling tickets, they MUST be sold through our Box Office. The renter is allowed to sell through other locations as long as we have some to sell here, though we discourage that.

On every ticket sold for events happening at the Tidemark, we charge a Capital Improvement/Facility Fee of $2. For printing, we charge $0.15/ticket for local and non-profit renters, and $0.20/tkt for commercial. There is a setup fee of $100 for local/non-profit, and $150 for commercial, with $25 for each additional performance of the same show.

We also charge an order fee of $2.50/tkt for every ticket sold, whether the event is happening here or not. We are working at expanding our ticket sales for off-site events, so we are currently waiving the setup fee for off-site events. We also don’t charge the CIF for events not happening in our facility.


Thank all you wonderful people! @rnunley things are trucking along, we have a season announcement for a truncated 2019 season next month so we shall see. :crossed_fingers:

Now just to make sure I’m understanding: in your case @rnunley you charge the $0.25 to the patron purchasing the tickets (as in encompassed in the $Xx.XX price they pay at the end of checkout), but charge the presenter the $2.00 rental fee?

and @mary.malinski i think the condition of rental of space is probably the best option for us as well. I’ll also pose the same question to you: is the $0.15/ticket charged to your presenter or patron and is your facilities Fee in the ticket price as well or separate? Do you charge the $2.50/tkt to the patron or presenter?

Here’s hoping my questions are clearer to you than they seemed to me, and thank you all for your help again!


The ticket printing fee is charged to the promoter. The customer pays $5.00 on top of the base ticket price. The promoter, along with any other rent expenses, pays the quarter.


@Zrhodes Our advertised ticket prices include the $2 CIF. We add taxes and the order fee on top, so the order fee is charged to the patron.

The CC percentage (we charge 4%) and the ticket printing is charged to the renter.

In effect, the CIF is charged to the patron as well, though it shows on the final statement of account as a charge to the renter. Most renters tell us they need to get a certain base price, and we add the fees on top.

I’ll see if I can upload our Ticketing Form…Ticketing Form.pdf (468.3 KB)