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Is anyone successfully using the “Charitable Receipts for Donor (Annual)” report? If I’m reading the prompts and help screens correctly–it looks like I can either print the Donor summary for all campaigns or I can print it for specific individual campaigns.

My issue is that I want to print it for some campaigns, but not all. For example, I want to include our Individual Support, Capital and In Memory Of campaign donations that would be tax deductible donations…but I want to exclude the Playbill Advertisement campaign which is not a tax deductible donation. Any thought on how I can make this happen?

My thought is that if I run the report for Playbill Advertisements so the flag gets tripped that those receipts have been printed and then run the report for All Campaigns…the All Campaigns report will include everything except Playbill Advertisements. Any thoughts on if I’m on the right track?

I’ve tried to get this to work for the past couple of years without much success and end up just exporting the donor details and mail merging the details into a word document. I was hoping to let TM do the hard work for me instead.

Thanks for your help…and Happy Holidays! :slight_smile:

Jeffrey Hocking
Schenectady Light Opera Company

Hi Jeffrey,

While I acknowledge every donation as it’s received individually, I’ve been printing year-end receipts as a courtesy for years and love it. I print the receipts, then run them through the printer again with a thank you letter on the other side (generic, since it’s personalized on the receipt side of the two-sided page.) The receipt is also formatted to fit a business window envelope, so no labels needed.

I don’t use the “reports” function. Instead, go to “Setup/Batch Functions/Print Charitable Receipts”

To exclude receipts for certain donations and campaigns:

At the time they are entered, as with Donor Advised Funds, or ads in your circumstance, there is a “receipt options” drop down box on the “details” tab of the individual donation itself. I select “No Receipt Required (TM will not print)” and presto! That donation/data entry for ad sales will be excluded from the batch printed receipt. You can also unprint and reprint the receipt batch if there is a “ooops, forgot to exclude that…” moment. It may require that you go back to each ad sale and toggle the receipt options drop-down menu option, but depending on your volume it might still be worth your while.

Hope that helps. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.


Tristan A.B. Steel
Development Director


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Excellent tips! Thanks for your help!