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I’m hosted in the cloud, have been for a couple of years now, and I want to make some changes to my cart pages, do some customization, etc. Thing is, I want to be able to see my changes before I sent my edits to ArtsMan to publish.

I’ve downloaded the page repository, and am learning what (not) to change. How do I stage schanges so that I can see them?
My first thought is to ask for a pg_dump of a current snalshot that I can plop onto my PostgreSQL server here on my desk. Is that the only way?

It is a two step process to have a private view of edited pages.

  1. Within the TM application, under company settings, add an additional language, ie TS.

  2. Within the ftp site, in the base folder, containing the EN and / or FR folder duplicate EN folder and rename to TS. This will give you a copy to test with.

  3. Make your html edits as desired and publish to the folder scheme for TS

  4. To view your edits, open your Ticketing site and add &lang=TS to the end of the url once it has loaded. This will put you in the correct language folder.

  5. Once you are happy with the changes, you can publish them to the EN folder structure.

Any text or graphics that you add within the TM application will be available to the TS folder structure.

That’s awesome, great trick! it’s something I never would have thought of.

How do I get to my Cloud-hosted pages via FTP, though? I’ve looked through much of the online help docs and haven’t found an answer.
When I said that I downloaded the pages, I meant that I cloned the Gitlab repository, but I don’t have a place to put them, except on my local test test server.

Hi Anthony,

The web pages reside in a Git repository and need to be cloned to your local computer for editing. Since you’ve already done this it makes following Randale’s steps easy.

Simply duplicate the current WebPagesEN folder and change the name to WebPagesTS. Once you have done this you can Push the changes up to the Git repository. You’ll now have a working set of test pages. You can make edits and changes within the pages and use the extension &lang=TS to access them.

Most changes take about a minute to show up online. If you are not seeing something you may need to clear cache in Theatre Manager to pull the latest edit.

Once you are happy with the pages in the WebPagesTS folder you can copy the content to the WebPagesEN folder and Push it to the repository so it appears on the main ticketing site.


I unsderstand all that, but what I don’t know is where do I send it?

Does it go right back to the Artsman Gitlab? That doesn’t make any sense to me.

I’m sorry for being so dumb.

Thought I’d add a developer perspective.

First a bit of background: git, in it’s commonly used form, has two parts:

  1. The local repository (on your computer)
  2. The remote repository (in this case, on our GitLab Server).

If there are changes in your local repository that you want to place on the server then you push your changes to the remote. If there are changes on the remote repository then you pull those changes down to your local repository.

  • Local to Remote: push
  • Remote to Local: pull

Our web page template deployment is setup to be Continuous Delivery (CD). That means when you push a change to our GitLab server, we have an automated process that will deploy your changes to your live website, with no further effort on your part. All you do is push and we do the rest.

In order to make changes all you have to do is commit to your local repository of page web page template customizations and then push those commits to our server. After a few minutes those changes will be visible on your website.

If the changes are in the WebPagesEN folder then that will be your live pages. If the changes are in the WebPagesTS folder, then that will be your testing pages (using the language feature, as Randale pointed out earlier).

And if you need a reference for the web page templates, our default templates are here:

OK, I understand that.

How does it know where to go? I haven’t given any credentials (which, apparently, I need to be able to push - I’m using the Git plugin for VSCode)

git push ArtsMan-Gitlab master-
remote: HTTP Basic: Access denied
fatal: Authentication failed for ‘

Do I even have credentials? This is what is confusing me.

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Hi Anthony,

All clients hosted in the Artsman Cloud have their own protected Git repository which contains their customized web pages. Clients proved Artsman with the name and company email address of those who should have access to the repository and we set up access.

Once access is in place the client repository can be pulled using a tool like GitHub Desktop to your machine. Edits are made locally on your computer and pushed back up to the repository.

The client repository contains only pages that have previously been customized. The Theatre Manager Server looks to this folder first when presenting a web page online and if it does not find the page it uses the default page.

When editing pages you’ll want to look in the client repository first to see if the page has previously been edited. If you do not see the page you can copy the page from the default page folder and paste it into the corresponding folder in your local client repository. Make your desired edits to the page and push them to the client repository on the internet. You will not be able to push changes to the default pages repository as this repository is read-only.

I’m going to create an Artsman support case to assist you with accessing your repository. You can then use the details outlined above and make edits to your organization’s web pages.

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