Communicating Gift Certificate Values

For those that are issuing Gift Certificates I have developed a Form Letter that we are sending to our patrons to let them know about their GCs.

We have two types of GCs:

  • Value of Refunded Tickets

  • Vouchers previously redeemed

I have linked four files to this post,

  1. Word doc with explanation of fields used - Covid-19 Gc w-notes.rtf (232.2 KB)

  2. Word doc as exported from TM - Covid-19 Gc.rtf (86.3 KB)

  3. TMD file exported from TM - Covid-19 Gc.tmd (7.9 KB)

  4. Redacted Output PDF - Covid-19 Gc for Dave_Redacted.pdf (90.0 KB)

The patron I used as an example had 3 season subscriptions plus used a voucher for another show.


Thank you for sharing!