Concessions in Theatre Manager?

We’re considering entering concessions sales into Theatre Manager (so far, we’ve just tracked them separately). Who else is doing this, and how are you doing it?

I’ve seen some mention of using a pass or gift certificate to track lump-sum concession sales. Could we also do this via Other Revenue Type, and what are the pros and cons of each approach? We tried wrapping our head around the pass approach, and weren’t entirely successful in our first attempt. :exploding_head:

Not sure if someone has addressed this for you.

If you go to Set Up and go down to System Tables and the Resources, you can set up your concessions and bar in there. Not sure if that is helpful.


Appreciate it—we’re just looking at putting in lump sum amounts each day (one for beer and wine, another for everything else). Thanks, though!

We do lump sums for the concession at each event. We have a category for concession alcohol, and concession other, as alcohol is subject to different taxes than other concession items. We also put in tips. We made each a “membership”, and put the concession totals into the event patron for the evening, putting the date and show name in the membership notes.