Coupon Codes for Day Of Only?

Hi all,

Just curious if there was a way to make a coupon code that’s valid for multiple shows only usable for those shows on the day of? For context: we are an improv theatre and usually have 2 shows a day where we offer a special upgrade rate if folks want to stay for the second show. We are hoping to make that special upgrade available for folks to purchase online at intermission or after the first show with a coupon code to take the stress off of the one box office attendant to process all the upgrades, etc. I have the coupon code all set up and it works online to get that special price, but I’m hoping there’s a way to restrict it to only work for a show on the day that it’s playing (hoping to minimize misuse as much as possible). I’ve tried making the “to” promotion in the sales rule one that’s only usable on the day of, but that didn’t work and still discounted my test tickets for a future night. I know this probably is pretty unusual compared to most theatres, but thought I’d ask anyway.



Hi Kayla,

The option is on the Sales Promotion, not on the coupon code. Go to the sales promo tied to the coupon and go to the Edits tab. There’s an option for “Can be used”…uncheck the “For tickets sold before the date of performance” and check the “on the day of sale of the performance.”

This will make the sales promo only valid for on the day of the show only and should apply to your coupon. Assuming you have a single sales promo for this type of ticket tied to a single coupon code.

Or at least I’m pretty sure that should work…


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Hey @Jeffrey,

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately it didn’t work for me :frowning: The only way I can think to make it work is to use a day-of only promotion as the regular promo for the show and make that the “From” in the sales rule then allow the coupon to only be used for that one. But I think for our theatre’s purposes that’s putting too many different promotions in the mix to keep track of…oh well, hopefully folks won’t misuse it.

Thanks anyway!


Hi Kayla! Yes, I believe that the way to do this is have your coupon code reference a “from” promo that’s only valid day of the show. We have some events with day of pricing and it works quite well if you setup the advance promotions to not work on the day of the event. (In your case, it may be just a duplicate regular pricing promotion, one for advance and one for day of.) This mutual exclusion means that your box office won’t have to pick from all enabled promos, just the ones available for that day relative to the performance. It’s a little bit more setup than you were looking for perhaps, but the feature works well to not clog up the promo choices. All the best with your couponing!