Covid - 19 Immunization Passport

Hello there,
Anyone starting to figure out the best way to get information re: Immunization passport? I’m hoping that TheatreManager can implement a check box within the purchase path that patrons would have to check off before they finish purchasing a ticket.

Something along the lines of “I understand that I will be asked to show my Covid-19 Immunization passport along with Government Issued ID when picking up tickets”


Ooh, I would also love to know if this is possible!

Hi Reena,

This option already exists in the form of the Terms and Conditions on the Checkout page of the ticketing site. For more information on our recommendations for setup please see the following page from our online help:

Proof of Vaccination

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Thanks Bonnie! good to know!

just another thought - is there a way to implement this for just our in person shows and not our digital performances?

Great question Reena. We have some things in the works. You’ll have to keep an eye out for our upcoming releases.

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