Customizing the Webstore

There are a couple of ways to access the latest webpage templates from Artsman.
First and foremost, start by reading the documentation about the web pages at This will give you most of what you need to start customizing your pages.

When you are ready to get into customization, you will need a copy of the current webpages.

Option 1: You can download them from

Option 2: You can download a local copy of the git repository using Github.

Either way, once you have the page you would like to edit, save a copy to the appropriate folder in your custom folder. i.e. (from download)…\1\WebPagesEN\TMtemplates --> (web server)…\1\WebPagesEN\TMtemplates

NOTE - Customizations may break current things or prevent a new feature from working properly. I have broken my TM web-store more than once.

The nice thing about the way TM is setup, if you do end up breaking something, you can rename the file to “filename”-temp.html and the original TM version will kick back in.


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