Difference between Sort v.s. Export

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What is the difference between the Sort and Export tab when running reports? What does the “Sort” actually change? Is it different from “Sort & subtotal” does it change how the report looks?

I understand export is just the columns that appear in Excel / columns /variables of data for an individual.

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Thank you.

Sort changes the first to last aspects of the data you are looking at.

Sort examples that I’ve found helpful include:

  • Last Name, then First Name (for alphabetical listings)
  • Amount Donated (highest to lowest to see who the top donors are at the top of the list)
  • Date Last Ordered (to see who hasn’t purchased anything after a certain date range)

Theatre Manager will tend to sort by Patron # as a default in certain reports, so if you are looking to get an alphabetical listing of your donors, sorting by Patron # wouldn’t be super useful.

Is this the kind of thing you were asking about?

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Hi there! I’m just adding onto Frank’s answer because visuals help me sometimes. The reports with “Sort and Subtotal” have subtotal options (ALA by event, by performance or by promotion) versus those with a “Sort” tab, which have just the one setup. Whether or not you adjust how the report subtotals, you can rarely adjust the field sort order, but within each field you can get pretty specific. So here’s the default sort for the by performance subtotal option for the rRevenuePromoRoyalty report:

And here’s the same by performance subtotal, but I checked pagination for the performance series code and changed the subtotal to not show a header for the promotion report subtotal group field:

For those reports without subtotaling options, you can only change the order and pagination, but these can really help with readability. So here’s the default sort for a donor summary report:


VS changing the program year sort to descending:



Great, thank you both so much!