Donor Report Missing Dates

Hey everyone!

I can’t decide if my expectations are wrong or if something isn’t working right. Maybe I’m just crazy.

I’m looking for general donor data (basic patron info, date of donation, amount of donation, campaign) so I can export to excel and do some slicing and dicing on my own.

When I pull the Donor Detail -Campaign & Fiscal report, it gives me everything I need as a PDF:

But when I export to excel, the donation date is gone–and that’s one of the more important things I’m looking for for my analysis. I have run this report before and been able to export with the date. I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong that isn’t letting me see the date now.

I also have tried to use the Export Data option and used the Donation Sales for a Patron with Each Gift Given data. This gives me all of the right headers, but no matter what criteria I choose, there are no donations listed.

Anyone experiencing the same thing (so I don’t feel crazy) or does anyone have any suggestions of what I’m doing wrong?

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Hi @Jeffrey! I know not all reports export as their PDF view, but if this one used to export donation date and no longer does, then that’s probably worth a support ticket. As for your direct data export version, I believe there was an issue exporting any data this past weekend that was corrected in the most recent release, so that might be the issue there. Maybe give the direct data export one more go this week?

Thanks @smorris! I posted here instead of sending you an SOS email…and you are the one that responded anyway. Data export works today! Thanks for your response.


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