Edit multiple performances at once


I want to add the same information to 20 performances of the same event. Is there a way that I can do that without going onto each individual performance?


Hi Anthony,

What section are you wanting to add the information to for each event?

Yes. if you create just 1 performance, and then right click the performance with the info you want then add the next 19 by using the duplicate function. it would then be added with all the info including price and promotion.


I wanted to set the on-Sale date to be the same for all performances, and also I wanted to add a message in each performance.

I ended up doing it one-by one, but that’s teduim that I would rather avoid. I do understand that you can duplicate performances, when they’re already created and we want to add something after… that’s what I meant.

Stuart gave a good option. And yep, I have done the copy/paste into each one MANY times… I feel your pain!

Yeah, Danny and I try to use the Duplicate Performance option as much as feasible, but sometimes, you just got to get some good tunes going and copy paste. (Not sure how many people use the Performance Type field, but we have found that that one field doesn’t copy - heads up in case you use that too.) Our 4-5 week runs at theREP can be especially annoying. Our Programming department has started giving these kinds of tasks to an intern as well, but then you really need to offset their work with a good intellectual/education task :slight_smile: