Exporting the General Ledger - Summary by Account into Quickbooks


Does anyone use the export function to import the general ledger-summary by account into Quickbooks? If so, can you please explain what format you use and the actual steps to get it into the accounting software? I would really appreciate your help.


We used to run the GL summary report and manipulate in Excel. We use Dynamics SL as our accounting system (formerly Solomon) Recently, we had ArtsMan create a custom export for us and now we can export, cut, and paste without touching the data.

What kinds of fields do/would you need for Quickbooks?


Thanks Chris. Actually Artsman has implemented the ability to export the general ledger summary from Theatre Manager as an IIF file, and import it into Quickbooks. We worked back and forth with this and this update was just released in the new version last week. IF you use Quickbooks, check it out. It works fantastic!