Family Pack tickets

I have a client who wants to sell family packs of tickets (4) at a reduced price and have a limited number of these packs available for purchase. I am looking for the best way to do this that will work online (manually at the box office is pretty easy).

I contacted ArtsMan for a quote which was about 4 hours of work at $100 dollars/hr which since the code would be reusable and changeable I thought it was reasonable. Unfortunately their timeline was such that they could not get the work done until November (show is in November).

Ultimately I contacted the client and we decided that the family packs will only be available at the box office.

Aside: It’s really too bad because this client actually operates a competing ticket selling website so to not be able to offer this to him for our venue feels like we lack a certain level of prefessionalism.

Thank you so much for posting this in Community Oliver - really appreciate the extra effort! Though I’m sorry to hear about your frustrations with this. Is there a mid-term solution while you have a plugin built ALA Sal’s idea to use a coupon code with max use limitations in conjunction with a promotion with a per performance ticket limit?

We offer a family pack of 4 tickets, e.g. amount is $100 we charge $25 per tickets. We’ve decided to allow it online and trust the customers to not take advantage of the price, I haven’t been disappointed.

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