Fee, Fee Where's the Fee?

Good morning all!

I’ve been tasked with figuring out how much money we have made on fees alone for a particular production. we use fee tables that apply fees based on specific criteria. a couple of the options that i thought might be it returned “no data” when i included the show but would give me everything since the dawn of time without it.

any advice or assistance would be much appreciated.

Which report did you use, and what criteria?

ive attempted the tickets sold/rev promo price… as well as a few of the GL summaries reccommended by ArtsMan. it seems that if i include a specific show that it will present the “no data” info at the bottom of the page.

or the body of the report wil show . however these fees apply to all events unless otherwise excluded.

Are these per order fees or per ticket fees added with a promotion? All of the fees will show up on revenue by payment type. Scroll down toward the bottom and you’ll see the fees collected per order.

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they are order/per ticket fees. that report was perfect, thank you!

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