Festival Registration Fees


We have an upcoming festival that we’re currently accepting applications for, and we want to be able to accept registration fees from the web sales portal.

How can we go about this? I tried creating a resource and selling it that way, but when I try to purchase the resource, I get a 500: Internal Server Error or a Bad Gateway error from nginx.

As I was typing, I thought of a way. Create a hidden event, and the “ticket” is the registration. Them make a button or a link to place on the festival site. Is there a more “proper” way? Like through resources, or fees?

Hi Madadder, I think using Fee Tables is the most straight forward for the type of online registration you’ve described.

First: Build your new fee: Setup -> System Tables -> Fee Tables and create a new fee called Registration Fee. Fill out all the relevant stuff on the Description and Calculations tab. Make sure to select -> Automatically Add to Orders

On the Edits tab, here are the settings I would use:

You’ll notice in your database you may not have a Ticket - Education as I have. Theatre Manager allows you to customize what you call Ticket Type 3, 4, 5, in Company Preferences -> Appearance tab. You can use Ticket - Regular instead of what I’ve selected, it will work the same either way.

And finally, on the Performances tab of the new fee, use the Apply to Selected Performances option and select your event.

And voila, you have an online checkout of your event with a new fee added at the checkout:

If you get stuck along the way with any of the setup, just email support@artsman.com

Thanks, that is a perfect solution! :smiley:

Also, I didn’t know that you could customize the ticket type labels. Type 4 will be forevermore known as Festival Fees in my world.

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