Figuring out the Resources feature

I’m very excited about the resources feature - I’ve just started playing around with it. I’m hoping we can sell merch and concessions using this feature this year to reduce in person contact.
I’m wondering if someone could tell me the best report or list to pull that shows the patron, their show/event, and their resource item purchased. Something that I would pull prior to the event to have their items ready for pick up.


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I don’t think there is a report that combines resources and event performance info, since they are separate data files.

We aren’t currently using resources, but you may be able to run a mail list of your patrons coming to a specific performance, and then run a resource report with customers that are on that mail list as your criteria.

I also don’t see any specific resource reports at this time, but you can use Export Data to get a list in Excel.

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Exporting, Labels, & Records Counts, then Export Data
  3. Use Resources And Task Link as your data file
  4. Set the criteria as customer belongs to your mail list (and maybe any specific resources)
  5. On the Export tab, choose the fields you want to export (customer info, resource name, qty, etc.)

I don’t have data to test this on, so I hope it works!

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