Flex Pass Success?

Hey there ticket pals!

Is anyone out there successfully using Flex Passes as an alternative to season subscriptions?

We’ve decided to add a Flex Pass option in addition to our traditional season subscription this year. I’m wondering if anyone out there would be willing to share any tips, tricks, or lessons learned with this type of set-up or if you’d be willing to share a link to your webstore so I can see how you’re selling them and what language you’re using to explain how to buy and redeem.

Thanks in advance!
Schenectady Light Opera Company

We offered Flex Vouchers AND Season Subscriptions this season. In Theatre Manager, we built Flex Vouchers as at type of Gift Certificate using the Avg. $/Admission Method of Redemption. I kept a little table pinned to the wall here in the Box with the total price of 1-25 vouchers so if someone wanted 4 vouchers, for example, I could just type in that number from the table. We added an entry to the Fee table for Flex Vouchers to calculate our per-ticket order fee (which is the same regardless of how you buy a ticket). We don’t sell Vouchers once the season starts, so we don’t have them for sale anywhere now, but they could be sold and redeemed online (to sell them online using that Method of Redemption, we had to build bundles of 2, 4, 6 Vouchers and sell those as one thing). I’d be happy to talk about this more if anyone wants more.

That said, we hardly sold any Flex Vouchers this season. We’ve been noticing that these days folks seem to make their decision to attend a show very close to the performance date: We’ve been worried about shows even a week away that eventually got close to selling out. It may just be our resort-town demographic, but it was not like this pre-COVID (I hear).

So, we’re kicking around not selling Flex Vouchers or Subscriptions next season and instead offering an All Season Pass: One price paid before the season starts that allows you to book a ticket to any of our shows whenever you want (probably only by calling the Box Office). I’m not sure yet how this will work, but we’re thinking this will continue to work for the few Subscribers we have left, make for nice flexible gifts for folks that don’t know or don’t want to see all the shows, and simplify our oversight (we have to remind Flex holders periodically not to forget their remaining Vouchers, for example).

Wishing you all the best in your decision-making process!

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@Jeffrey and @JMuraOTP, we’re also starting to kick around the idea of a season pass that’s available at the top of the season (rather than the end of the prior season) for a flat price and good for a set number of tickets that patrons can choose to redeem for best available at any point after a show is on public sale. The idea is to capture attention of the folks who buy later and/or folks who just aren’t paying attention until our show marketing hits (which is in-season rather than pre-season). We don’t have the detail hashed out yet and it may fall through as an idea, but adding to the string to note we’re thinking about how to bulk buy those last-minute, highly-flex-interested people.

Curious to hear how your flex subs sell this year!