Gift Cards destroy the planet? Maybe not

I’ve just gotten pretty new gift cards, that my marketing dept was very excited about, but I don’t see a way to refill them, once they are empty, is this right? Once the control number is used it’s done?

Certain members of my audience are very keen for us to remove all plastic from our concession stands etc. and I worry that if these cards aren’t reusable they may accuse me of plotting global destruction. I mean they’re not wrong, but I have other plans…

I thought they could be reloaded so long as you add money to the same control number pass in the system - but i’m not positive. If no one who knows better than I answers before Monday i’ll pull out one of our plastic cards to test!

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At 2017’s user conference, I have notes relaying that Doug told us that you could put more money on the pass/gift card as long as you have the same card.

The user reloading the gift card with more money would need to go into the previous order consisting of the gift card that was issued and add money by entering a new amount in the slot that says ‘Purchase Amount.’


Thanks so much Brittany!

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