Group Holds/Reservations


I’m wondering if you can all share with me what your group booking process is.
Rainbow Stage is a theatre company that runs all year round but our shows are only summer productions. We start booking groups in October/November for shows that don’t take place until June-August.
Our auditor doesn’t like how TM works in that, the booking goes in - order date November 5 - they may pay a deposit but then they don’t make payment until April. Often groups will add or remove guests at this time as well, making the original order total different.
We’ve also noticed that when pulling the Promo Revenue Detail report, if the patron has made any payment towards the order, it doesn’t report the balance owing, it reports the order total - making those numbers incorrect.

If anyone has any suggestions for me - i’d appreciate it.


Hi Kayla! We have a similar Groups process - with deposits required within a certain time frame from the initial order and then final payment due several month later, usually no later than 30 days prior to the event I believe. Last minute groups orders within that final month are expected to pay in full (we obviously make exceptions for some partners). And yes, group leaders adjust ticket quantities all the time, changing the balance of the order.
Some of the needier Group Leaders end up needing training about waiting to adjust in clumps rather than every time an individual changes :slight_smile: Groups uses contractual payments to set this all up usually. Our Finance team has never had an issue with this process, but yes, not all reports will show balance owing. And our Groups Team sometimes struggles with certain reports showing incorrect balances if patrons end up paying differently than the contractual setup and we forget to adjust the “future” payments. If you’re looking for a report to show Group order totals versus payments, though, I think I’d start looking in orders/payments instead of ticket inventory/revenue type reports. I believe the latter are about the recorded values of items booked and generally don’t compare/reference payments made on an oder containing said items. Happy to help try and find the right report for you if you can provide a list of the info your auditor is asking to have included…