Group Seats TBD

Hey there TM nerds!
I have a group that wants to buy tickets before group tickets go on sale (they have money in the budget that has to be used before our on-sale date happens). We, of course, want to accommodate anyone willing to give us money, but I’m trying to figure out the best way to do an invoice. I’ve told her that we won’t assign seats until the on-sale date…but I want to be able to give her an invoice that shows what she’s paid for.

If I change the performance to General Admission, sell her seats and create her invoice, then cancel her seats and change the performance back to Reserved seating, am I going to lose all of the subscriber seats that were already booked into the performance? Or will they be there waiting for me when I switch it back?

At the end of the day, I might just create an invoice in Excel…but I was hoping there was a better way.

Schenectady Light Opera Company

I wouldn’t want to risk losing the subscriber seats. (We don’t do subscriptions, so I can’t tell you one way or the other.)

Can you sell them seats at the back to do the invoice, and put an order note that prints on the invoice that says something like, “Please note this is not the final seat allocation. Seats will be assigned on (date tickets go on sale).”?

I would sell them a gift certificate and redeem it at on-sale.


I agree with @mary.malinski and @rnunley - selling a gift certificate to secure the revenue and then allocate seats during onsale would be my suggestion too. Great question.


Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to post this here as an option for future reference!

We have what we call School Days Performances at Proctors and we don’t give people seat numbers so we can accommodate as many students as possible.

We send them an invoice to confirm their order and hide the seat numbers but it will show the rest of the event information. I would choose your best judgment for seating that way you prevent overselling, forgetting about it later and you can give a more accurate receipt.

I am attaching 2 screen shots below. 1 of the invoice of how it would look with this feature and what invoice criteria should look like for it to come up this way.

Hope this was helpful! I just joined so I am getting caught up!