Having trouble attaching a letter to a ticket batch

Hi all,

I’m trying to use the batch function feature that allows for you to send a confirmation email as we print out tickets to be mailed. i have created the form letter, and i have added it to the batch printing window in the “address tickets” area; and told it to email the letter. I cannot seem to get it to deliver the letter to my inbox. could someone please advise me as to what i maybe doing wrong.

Thanks in advance!

Does the letter send record appear in your TM account and you don’t receive an email or do you not receive an email AND the letter record never appears in your TM record? This isn’t a feature we use at all I’m afraid, but I did a quick test and only received e-tickets. But when I had a notification set to email (both from tickets and address slots), I got a letter record in TM, but have yet to receive an email. I’m curious if this is the same behavior you’re seeing…