How do we change the automatically generated ticket confirmation email?

Does anyone have a quick guide on how to update the automatically generated confirmation emails patrons get when they buy tickets online?

Someone correct me please if I’m wrong, but I believe it’s the TMcheckoutConfirmation page, which references a bunch of other rowCheckout pages. . What are you looking to edit specifically?

OK, I totally lied to you Alex, I’m sorry. We just went to edit something on our tmContactHours “footer” and found the correct web order confirmation email page is TMcheckoutInvoiceEmail. We decided to try and keep this confirmation email page as the standard template and just edited the contact page it references, but that depends on what you’re looking to edit I suppose. I’m not comfortable with web page edits (I submit my earlier lie as evidence), but we are actively working on improving these skills (and Danny’s much better at this than I am) so we are happy to help figure out the solution for your specific needs if we can.

Hi There!

In the intervening month, I’ve played around with the gitrepository and it seems like it works in some cases but not others.

I’ve been able to update the logo of our outlet but am finding that adding html text to the TMcheckoutInvoiceEmail page commits the page but doesn’t display the updates. I’m basically trying to add a note about who is providing the payment processing “Payment processing provided by”.

Any thoughts?

Oh you’re good - I find the gitrepository very overwhelming personally.

So you’ve made a custom version of that page in your server and you can see the edits in the document, but nothing is changing online, correct? Hm. We often have to restart of all of the listeners to get web page edits to take - beyond that step, it might be best to go seek Artsman help directly. There’s this careful balance of deep learning by playing versus using available resources to maximize efficiency and avoid frustration :slight_smile:

I’ll see if Danny has any other ideas…

Hey, I know this was a while ago.
But I wanted to know what this ended up looking like.

Here’s a copy of ours (it could use some cleanup) if that’s helpful. Curious to see other folks’ versions!

Proctors Web Confirmation.pdf (72.7 KB)

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I learned how to fix the column settings (for mobile scaling too) for our contact hours at the bottom for all three of our orgs - very exciting for this non-HTML-er! Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 1.15.18 PM|690x304