How to deselect a Sub Group

Hi there!

Newbie here!

We’ve been trying to set up online sales for merchandise using the Resources feature, but I misunderstood how sub grouping worked and now can’t seem to deselect a subgroup from my item. I had deactivated the subgroup code, but it still appears selected as the item’s subgroup. Is there a way around this?

I also can’t delete the actual item and start over as I had already inserted Inventory which created a transaction…

Thanks in advance!


Hello @Jkrasy - Jessica and welcome to Community! So I just took at look at some of our resources with sub groups, some of which have been used and some of which haven’t. In both cases, I also no longer have the option to “backtrack” to “None Selected”. I did a quick scan of the Resource Group and Sub Group help pages as well as the Adding Resources help page and so far I’m not seeing any specific note about it being unchangeable once selected. I suppose you could create a “None” group in Code Tables, but that seems odd - might be worth a help ticket to Artsman directly before trying to find a workaround. Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

Thank you for investigating!