Limited Ticket Quantity on Presale Tickets

We have a Flex 6 Package that allows you to purchase 6 six tickets at a set price (avg $/admission pass). I want to allow patrons to redeem their tickets online in advance of general ticket sales without letting them buy more tickets.

If I give everyone who has purchased a Flex 6 presale access then I’m finding that they are able to add more than 6 tickets to their cart and therefore acquire more than their package. I have the same problem when I want to give patrons 2 complimentary tickets in advance but not have access to purchase any other tickets.

I’m wondering if theres a way to limit the amount of tickets that can be bought or limit purchases to only whats on a pass. Has anyone experienced something similar?

Thanks you!

Can you limit the number of tickets per order in the event setup (performance tab, double click the performance, web settings tab)? You’d have to change it back after the pre-sale was completed.

I believe that you can limit the usage at the promotion level

Hm, we have a very similar flex pass structure, though our presale access is controlled through a plugin or aligned with the event on-sale. A pre-sale coupon is “full access” so far as I’m aware. If you are using a dedicated pre-sale coupon for these pass holders, could you put 6 in the Max Uses Per Coupon setting (Sales Rule tab)? It won’t stop them from buying additional tickets, but it won’t apply the sales rule after 6 tickets so the additionals would be full price. Mary’s suggestion works great if the pass is only valid for one event, but I’m assuming they can redeem the 6 tickets across multiple events however they want, yes?