Live Streaming Questions and Feedback

I thought it might be helpful to start a post where anyone can ask anything about Live Streaming. As early adopter clients have hopefully worked out most of the kinks (hopefully) do you have any tips worth sharing with the community?

We are getting the occasional question on support where clients are asking if they can speak with other clients who have done Live Streaming - so I figured a place where our community can ask each other how their experiences have been would be helpful:)


I would love to hear about any tips from people using Vimeo as their platform!

I too would love any insight into how you might have helped communicate with patrons how they could or needed to access the content.

Vimeo has worked pretty smoothly for us - though for our virtual gala with our older major donors, we intentionally decided to keep the settings open rather than restricted to the webstore domain and gave people both the instructions to access from their web account and the straight link to the Vimeo page. This was a good idea for these folks who tend to be our least technically patient/saavy. Hope that helps.


I there! We have done a couple of patron training things for virtual content in the webstore. Our first real go of it was for a virtual gala and because these were high-level donations, we decided to take extra time with them. We made a practice virtual event and booked a ticket for all of the real gala ticket holders. Then we shot a short training video with our CEO walking through the steps to access online. We emailed this training video and asked folks to practice logging in and clicking watch on the practice event in their accounts before the day of the real event.

For our other virtual content, however, we have simply created a web page with explicit instructions on how to access virtual content in the webstore and we link to this page regularly in reminder emails, marketing event pages, etc. We customized the web order confirmation page and email to include short instructions and a link to this page as well.

We haven’t had a ton of self-hosted virtual content yet, but so far we’ve had minimal access issues. It’s definitely a longer conversation with donors not used to using the webstore than it is for our sub or single ticket buyers, though.

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Have you done any live events with Vimeo using the Chat function?
If so can you let me know how to embed the chat into Theatre Manager using the Vimeo Event and Content ID on the live tab.

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Hi @alepain and welcome to TM Community!

We have not no, so hoping someone else will chime in with their experience! I suspect the chat piece works a lot better within Vimeo directly, though I could be wrong. If this is the case, however, you could put some html code into the Custom livestream option that links to the Vimeo page with any additional login passcode or chat instructions you want. We have a Vimeo playlist or collection page and this was Artsman’s suggestion to maintain access through the webstore like normal, but then move patron’s to the Vimeo site where they can select the “episode” to watch next.

Just wanted to let everyone know that Vimeo Chat is now built into Theatre Manager. From the March 18, 2021 Three Thought Thursday

Enhancement - Chat Option with Vimeo Chat Events

By popular request Theatre Manager now supports Chat within a Vimeo Live Streaming feed. Thanks to Global Arts Live for beta testing the new feature in February with their Live Stream of Ladysmith Black Mambazo!

New fields have been added to the Event Live Tab to enable the Vimeo Chat option and input a Chat ID from Vimeo.