Mail List Folders - Categories & Sharing Access

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How do Mail Folders work? What are they actually doing, where does the data go once you put it in a new folder?

I would like to share Mail Lists across departments, but still keep it categorized under my department’s folder, to make searching for lists easier. What is the best way to do this?

If I were to use Mail List Folders…

Is there a difference between “Permanent” and “Active” folders? Is there a scenario where putting a mail list under a folder instead of the Main Folder would automatically restrict access to other users? Or, is it possible the data within that mail list would not be pulled if it was not in the Main Folder?

Where are the settings to alter that?

Many thanks for your wisdom,

Hello! My understanding is that folders are just that, folders to organize. They do not inherently restrict the pulling of any data or who can access the mail lists contained in the folder. You can restrict permissions if you want using Access Groups and/or the “Access Restrictions” tab for each mail list.
So I guess you could make a business decision to manually align restrictions on mail lists put in a particular list, but folder organization and the access restrictions are independent features.

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