Mail List for People who did NOT attend a performance?

Hello all! Is there a way to pull a mail list for just the people whose tickets were not scanned as attended?

We had quite a bit of snow this past weekend, and while the show did go on, not everyone who had tickets made it out. We want to send an offer to just those folks who did not actually attend. I have the basics of the mail list, but I am not sure how to only have the “Not Attended” ones show up.

Hi Mary, great question.

I like to use the House Report by Ticket Report and use two key pieces of criteria. I’ll start with the Attendance tab of the event and look at a specific performance. In my example, we’re looking at the July 15th performance of a Mid Summer Night’s Dream. I’ve sorted by the Used column to make things a little easier to demonstrate.

The highlighted group are all the patrons who did not have their ticket scanned for this performance - as indicated by their status of Not Used. These are all the patrons who did not attend, so let’s get them into a report.

I’m using the House Report by Ticket in the Attendance and Front of House report category.

The two pieces of criteria will first, isolating the performance date, and two, reflect the Used ticket status from the Attendance tab. Here’s how to find the criteria:

  1. Performance Number

  2. Ticket Scan Flag

The finished criteria looks like:

I’ve also customized the report title and description so it is a little easier to read:

The only difference between running a report that shows patrons who did attend versus those who did not is changing the Ticket Scan Flag criteria from NO to YES, or vice versa.

I hope this helps!

PS: There was also a TTT on this topic from March 24, 2022


Thank you, Frank! I thought there was a way, but I kept searching for criteria with “attend”. :wink: