Mail List - Multi single ticket buyers


I’m trying to make a mail list that lists all patrons who bought 3+ single tickets last season or the season before AND who don’t have tickets for the upcoming season. I’ve tried a few different ways but can’t figure it out. I’m finding the part of specifying how many single ticket they bought in a given year to be the hardest.

Can anyone help me out?


I think what you’re looking for is the “Having” function.

I have a similar search built for patrons who bought 3 or more individual events last year but have not purchased a season subscription for this year.

Obviously replace the events with your events…but hopefully this gives you the idea.

The having function is up at the top…

I am not an expert here–there might be better ways, but I think the “Having” function is the way to go here…


Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for your reply! Definitely getting closer but this doesn’t quite work because I also want to catch people who have multiple tickets to the same event.

I also want to limit it to only one section of ticket types. I think I can get it if there is someway to add the criteria of only looking at “Tix type flag=0”. Does anyone know if this is possible to add? I can’t find it.



You can have one “Having” pre criteria block I believe. So for your “last season or the year before” you could have two different “Add” blocks. For each bock, “Having” will respond to the full criteria in the block, not just one line of criteria. So below is a version of Jeffrey’s response using single tickets in a season instead of specific events. (FYI Ticket Type - like Subscription, Group, etc that each promotion is attached to - lives under Promotion Discounts.)

If you want people with 3+ tickets each to 3+ different events in a particular season, however, you might want to layer a couple of mail lists together using “patron belongs to mail list”.