Mailchimp and Theatre Manager


Has anybody found a system that works for them regarding cross-referencing and updating email preferences between mailchimp and theater manager? Do you match a customers email preferences between both system so that mailchimp and theater manager hold the same data? If you do, do you have a system for exporting mailchimp data (subscribers/unsubscribers) and importing it to theater manager and vice versa.

We have been importing/exporting subscribers/unsubscribers manually between both, but if someone is marked subscribed in one system and do not email in the other, it gets confusing as to which system you should listen to over the other.

Any thoughts? Thanks!


We have tried to make this work. We even hired an outside developer to work with API code that would make this happen. Nothing ever worked.


Artsman is very aware that direct integration with mail chimp and mailgun are things that people have asked for.

There is a way of importing an ‘unsubscribe’ list from mail chimp (or other external mailing services) back into TM (refer to:

Mail chimp is a not database, it does perform the function of getting eblasts out quickly. TO marry it to the database ™ the general process and responsibilities for an eblast is:

  • build your target audience data using all the knowledge in TM (i.e. a mail list)
  • export that mail list to mail chimp for the purpose of composing, emailing and stats collection
  • bring the unsubscribes and bounces back into TM to correct data using the feature above

This will keep the data clean and, at the same time, use the key features of TM (your CRM and database).


This is the way we have been doing it… just seeing if anyone had found an easier, less time-consuming process, thanks to you both!