Maps for school groups

We sell tickets to some daytime performances to groups. We generally grab seats in the map, but don’t give out tickets. We assign the groups to seats a few days before the shows to accommodate any dropped/added seats, account for the size of the patron to make sure they can see from certain seats, etc. Then we hand draw color coded maps to hand out to our ushers. We only do this for performances that are just for school groups.

Does anyone do something similar or different that works for them? The institution has done this for so long, no one can think of a different way. Thank you!

Yes, we also have used a similar system of group maps (no tickets) for our school group matinees. We take the school group order and assign them directly into seats. With Theatre Manager the ability to print a map from the system (as opposed to hand coloring) has worked so well now for us. We spend so much less time creating seating charts than we did on past ticketing system. We have become more rigid in not permitting changes in group school orders at 1 month prior to the performance, as we were being left with seats that we could not sell on the day of the performance. So now we confirm any final numbers and balances due a month prior and explain that the numbers cannot change after this date. Hope this helps.

Thank you for chiming in! That’s what we do for regular group sales. We do have the 30 day rule but allow tickets to be added after that deadline. It’s hard to do this because we could have 6th graders sitting in front of preschoolers but we won’t know at the time of sale.