Marketing Fields in Websales

Has anyone successfully added a marketing field i.e. Patron Marketing Field - Char #3 to a pass? We are trying to have patrons give us the name they would like in the program if they buy a certain passes online. When they buy in person this isn’t a problem, but online is a whole other kettle of fish.

I am thinking I could accomplish this by adding a text field for Patron Marketing Field - Char #3 to the pass pages for the pass ids.

Any thoughts would be appreciated…

Sorry Randale - I don’t think we’ve had occasion to try adding one of the Marketing fields to a pass ticket face or a webpage, no. Did you get it working?

I did a bit of a workaround by editing TMpass.html.

I changed the label from Personalized Message --> Membership Name
I changed the place holder notes for the textarea id=“M_NOTES”
From TM:
<!textarea class=“form-control” id=“M_NOTES” name=“M_NOTES” placeholder=“enter any specific instructions or notes” rows=“5”>M_NOTES</textarea!>

My Edit:
<!textarea class=“form-control” id=“M_NOTES” name=“M_NOTES” placeholder=“If you are purchasing a MEMBERSHIP and would like a name other than the one listed on your account shown in our programs, please note any change here.” rows=“2”>M_NOTES</textarea!>

This solved the issue with the least amount of code changes.

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