Monthly Post-Dated Payment Options

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I’m still fairly new at TM so apologies if the solution to the following is obvious…

We have a group of folks who are essentially taking a 6 month long class with us and we’d like to offer them the option of either paying the class fee all at once or a portion monthly. My hope is to be able to send them a private link and they can pay online and choose which option they’d like, without having to contact the box office to do so. I know there’s a way of creating post dated payments manually in an order, and I could just end up doing that, but I’m hoping there’s an easier way to do it. There’s about 25 of them so not the end of the world if it just has to be manual.


You could post date payments manually through the box office, selling as an event or course, but I’m not too sure about it being available that way online while selling as an event/course. Otherwise, if you want it on the tickets site, you could make it as a donation campaign, put instructions in the external notes or on the webpage, and utilize the auto-recurring feature; this is the ‘online version’ function of post-dated payments but only available through the donation campaign.

I think the option you’re looking for is in Web Settings. I’m not doing this for courses, currently, but I do use it for season subscriptions.

Choose the event, then go to the Performance tab. Double click the course/performance. Go to the Web Settings tab. On the far right, you’ll see the following:

At the bottom, check the box for Accept Post Dated Payments and put the Final Date that you want all of the payments to be made by (maybe a week before the final class?).

When they checkout online, they will have the option to make installment payments. TM will calculate the number of monthly payments between the purchase date and the Final Date and split the total into equal monthly installments. It will look something like this:

Hope this helps!

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@bmeegan @Jeffrey Amazing, thank you both so much! I’ll play around with those options and see what works best for me. Have a great rest of your day!

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I totally forgot about this feature!!! Thank you, Jeffrey. Coming in with the save!!

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