Moving to Fully Digital Renewals


We are now looking at moving to distributing out renewal invoices digitally through email. We have in the past printed renewals, and mailed them out or handed them out at shows, then had the option for patrons to renew by mailing in, calling, or going online.

We are now wanting to go fully digital and just email out the renewal notices. I am just curious if other companies have done this, and how you made it work and look good in Theatre Manager. Any help, comments, or tips would be a ton of help!

Thank you!

Layne Fox
Vertigo Theatre

Hi @LayneFox! Interesting idea. We have moved digital for many of our patron communications, including all benefit delivery for subscribers and donors. We have actually chosen intentionally to stick with snail mail renewal notices however, as our benefit delivery email open rates aren’t high enough for us to ensure the levels of annual donation and subscription renewal that we need.

We do have a subscription auto renewal program that’s very strong and we considered doing digital renewal notices to this subset of folks, but decided against it since the renewal dollar value and card charge dates change so much from year to year. We thought it was important customer service to make sure we were as loud and clear to as many people as possible about the money pieces.

I will note that while the renewal notices are snail mail, we eliminated the mail-in renewal forms several years ago and it went great - almost zero complaints. And we’ve been using our digital and snail mail communications to direct people to their online accounts for as much as possible and while there’s definitely a dedicated crew that will choose to call every time, our online account usage for subscribers and donors is increasing steadily. In short, I’m curious how your experience going digital with renewal notices goes and am happy to help brainstorm something, but you’re charting new territory for us!

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