Multi-tier Subscription Pricing

Hi all,

We at the Arkansas Repertory Theatre are looking to start a multi-tier subscription that takes into account the day of the week you attend as well as the seat you sit in. Is there a way, currently, to implement this type of subscription package?

I.e. for our “Preview Value Series” we would offer three price points for our 1-wed & 1-thu performances; while offering a “Premium Series” on the 2/3 fri/sat/sun with three separate price points still different from the first option.

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Zach! Your specific “math from single pricing” will matter to the build some. We do performance specific sub pricing two different ways. At Proctors, where the subscription discount is almost always the same percentage off of whatever the approved weekday and weekend scaling is, we just apply the base prices accordingly in each performance. For our Thursday matinee super discounted package, however, and at theREP where there are value Preview/Wednesday packages, we build a unique set of sub promotions with their respective discounts and just make sure the appropriate promotions are enabled for each performance. So we don’t touch the single ticket pricing on the performances and control by promo. You just have to match the enabled promotion selections by performance series code in your control house event for the module to book through. Hoping I didn’t misunderstand the goal and this helps some!